The Boat

I’m a boat, with no place to go
I’m an ocean, without any boat
I’m a breeze, with no hair to blow
I am slow motion played in fast forward
I’m a Captain, I’m stuck on the shore
I’m a stowaway, you won’t throw overboard
I am Starboard, whos dreamin of Port
I am the shipwreck and you are the storm

I got a crush on you (3x)
And it ain’t goin’ away,
go away, go away, go away, go away

I’m the dolphin at the Bow, who thinks he found a friend
I am the fisherman, who the one with the net
All I wanted was to feed the hunger, but I guess I’ll set you free
We are different, so, we are the same
Let me be your anchor, lets call this old boat home
We ain’t got nothin’ anyway, with no place to go
We’re nothing together, so, were nothing alone
And that’s ok. That is ok.

Copyright 2016 Clarence Chance

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