Stepping Stones

I’ve got a past I know
But it’s just pictures in a box
In the attic in my head
Next to the old broken phones

What do you do with the pieces
When you don’t have any hope
It’s like finding Jesus
In a burnt piece of toast
Like a big picture window
With all of the curtains closed
A room with no portraits
And a TV hung in their place

They were just stepping stones, leading me home
They were just stepping stones, so please leave my home

Where do I start (4x) Ending this Where do I stop (4x) Starting this

Set me free like Steven Avery
This is crazy this is wrong
Let me be like the Beatles
Cuz you’re not winnin’ if your Lennon

Where do I start and where do you begin
And what do you say to what you just said

Don’t’ wait a minute
Don’t waste a minute
Don’t Weigh the minute
Don’t, wait a minute (2x)

Copyright 2016 Clarence Chance

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